Agile Women UK - London

Agile Women UK is a place for discussion and networking opportunities for women working in the agile environments.  Regular MeetUPs will provide a space to share success stories, challenges and opportunities, to enable increased learning and collaboration within our community.


The MeetUp events will involve a mixture of informal discussion evenings as well as more formal talks, presentations, Q&A sessions and interactive workshops.  You can follow Agile Women UK's schedule events and news, as well as share relevant content with members, via our MeetUp group, twitter and LinkedIn.  If you would like some more information or to be involved from an attendee, speaker or sponsor perspective, please contact Chloe Mills on or 07432 739773

For full details visit our meetup page here


" Wow, thank you so much, this was such a great event and thank you Liz for such an amazing talk! Had a big impact on me!" WC


"I had a fantastic time, thank you Chloe, Liz and others organizing it.  The talk was encouraging, empowering and great fun" DV


"Great meetup with an open and pleasant atmosphere" TO

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