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Interview Advice

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Make your CV stand out


Only use your CV to demonstrate your own achievements, successes and involvement in each role, rather than talking generically about what your teammates accomplished – don’t list imaginary experiences!


Where possible, tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for; employers are more likely to be drawn in by skills and experience that their vacancy required.


Always keep your CV short and concise, it shouldn’t be your autobiography! An ideal CV would be 2-3 pages long – think about it, would you thoroughly read someone’s 10-page CV?


Think about formatting - the best CVs are formatted simply with one font, one colour and clear break points. Though they may look nice, tables, graphs and images make it extremely difficult for employers to read through / follow and rarely look professional.


Always include contact information on your CV! If your phone number, email address and location aren’t on your CV, how are employers going to give you information on your perfect job?!


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